Robotizing the flow of goods

Currence Robotics is a Norwegian tech company that develops and manufactures robots for the warehouse industry. 

After years with research and developing, we’re ready to launch our two first commercial products in Q1 2020; one pallet sorter and one state-of-the-art autonomous warehouse robot.

We are based with offices in Ålesund and Trondheim: A cross functional team of mathematicians, engineers, scientists, full stack developers, machine learners and logistic experts – committed in heart and mind to the products we are building. 

Currence Robotics is a well-established cooperation with a range of strong industrial partners, suppliers and professional investors. We are well supported by Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Research Council.

We are hiring.

We have a new position as Senior Software Developer in our R&D team.

Do you enjoy solving complex problems? Do you like the idea that your code will manifest itself into real world machines that goes biiing? And we believe: you have never considered being part of a cross functional team, delivering world class innovations for optimal retail logistics — have you? But would you? Then this is getting very interesting. Please see the full description & apply.


Ålesund Office:
Sjukenesstranda 100
6037 Eidsnes

Trondheim Office
Sjukenesstranda 100
6037 Eidsnes

General Enquiries:
Torbjørn Krogen, CEO
Telephone: (+47) 926 09 775